can i live in a tent?

live in a tent
Yes. You can live in a tent. The reasons you expect to live in a tent may vary, but as a human being, there are some basic requirements and qualifications that you must meet. An animal can live in any environment, but we humans cannot. Some of the critical points you should pay attention to when living in a tent are described below.

Legal framework

You are not allowed by law to set up tents at any place where you intend to live.
So if you wish to set up your tent in a specific area or location, make sure to check whether you need to have permission. If you intend to set up a tent in an area where approval is required, obtain permission from the relevant authorities. You may face legal issues if you set up tents in unauthorized carelessly. You can live in a tent without legal restrictions set aside for tenting and in unprotected jungle areas.

Choosing a tent

If you want to in a tent, you must choose the right tent for it.  Otherwise, tent life can be a bit harsh for you. Just as we do when buying every item, we should also pay attention to the tent’s durability when purchasing one. Canvas tents are the most durable and comfortable type of shelter, but keep in mind that they are more expensive. If the canvas tents are too heavy and you are continually setting up tents in different places, you may have trouble carrying the canvas tents due to their heavyweight. Another vital factor to consider when choosing a tent is the amount of space available. Even if you expect to live in a tent as an individual, do not buy a tent with space for one person. Because you’ll have to store your gear, food, medicine, and other equipment in the tent, so even if you intend to live in a tent as an individual, do not choose a tent that only has space for only one person. You will inevitably face a space problem.Be sure to use a tent that can accommodate at least three people, even if you intend to live alone. It is also vital to have a good idea about the climatic conditions of the area where you intend to set up a tent when choosing a tent. If you intend to live in the area for a short period in the tent, you can predict the weather in the area and choose a tent that can withstand that weather.But if you wish to live in a tent for a long time, choosing a tent that is good enough to withstand all weather conditions is very important. Or else, living in a tent that cannot withstand changing weather conditions can make tent life boring. Also, when choosing a tent, please do not overdo it.

choosing a location

It would help if you also chose a suitable place to live in a tent. It should be a clean and flat place with a flat surface with no rough and pointed surfaces. If you set up your tent in a place where the above requirements are not complete, it can damage your tent, and you will not be able to feel comfortable inside the tent. Also, do not choose the lowest plot of land in the area to set up your tent. This is because if it rains, the lowest part of that area is likely to be flooded.It will make you feel very uncomfortable.So when choosing a place to set up your tent, consider the above points check if it’s a certain level of high ground in the area. If you plan to live in a tent in a jungle area, choose a hiding place where the wildlife is least wandering. If you live in a bright tent in an outdoor area where wildlife is abundant, you are more likely to face wildlife troubles.

Supply of food

While living in a tent, you might not be able to consume every meal you consume in your typical life. For example, if you always like to eat cooked food, it may not be easy to get cooked food at all times in a tent life.But even if you live in a tent, do not entirely change your regular food consumption pattern because it’ll make your tent life boring if you change normal life habits unnecessarily. When living in a tent, you can use foods that are easy to consume. Examples include canned foods, packaged foods, dried meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If you need to cook, dig a medium-sized hole neither too big nor too small outside the tent.(The pit should be big enough to hold several logs together and ignite the fire) We call it a fire pit, and you can put two iron wires on top, light a fire and place a pot on the two iron wires to cook the food. Whenever possible, you must try to have a balanced diet.


We should pay attention to maintain proper hygiene habits in ordinary life as well as in a tent life. It is imperative to use clean water to keep you healthy. Try to carry enough water for tent life.If you cannot carry enough water for a long time, be sure to boil the water you find before drinking it. Because drinking dirty water can cause you health problems, drink clean water whenever you can.If you live in an area where water is easy to find, take a shower daily. But if you set up the tent in an area where water is scarce, manage the water you find very sparingly. Try to stay clean whenever possible. However, carry some soap and shampoo with you the belongings that you need for bathing. Brushing, which is a very common habit in ordinary life, is not so difficult in a tent life, so be sure to brush your teeth. Try to stay clean whenever you can. It will make you feel more comfortable. Wear clean clothes Wash your dirty clothes in a basket or sealed bag. Dispose of dirty water properly. If you want to boil water for washing clothes, you can use the fire pit for that. Make a hole a little further to the tent to use as a toilet.Close it after going to the toilet. Or put the wastes in sealed bags until it is properly disposed of. Never act in a way that attracts wild animals to the tent. Be sure to keep a first aid kit in the tent. Store the medicines you need in your daily life. It is also wise to store the medication you need for cuts and wounds in the first aid kit.Always follow health habits properly.


Living in a tent does not give you the same level of protection as living in a house.Your safety can be threatened by thieves as well as wildlife if you live in a jungle area. Always keep the tent closed when you leave the tent to protect yourself from thieves.Also, carry the essential items in your handbag.To protect yourself from wildlife, never engage in activities that attract wildlife to the tent. For example, if you do not dispose of waste materials properly or dispose of spoiled leftovers around the tent without proper procedures. If you’ve made it a habit to go out of the tent at night, it could be a cause for an accident. You’ll have to take care of yourself in a tent life, and therefore you have to pay special attention to your safety.


Living in a tent minimizes power consumption, so you may not be able to use the appliances and electronics you need.But it is wise to use communication devices such as a phone with a durable battery life to perform essential communication functions. Although you can get an advantage from a solar panel that can generate electricity from the sun inside the tent, there is a problem with how practical it is under the prevailing weather conditions in the area where you set up the tent. But if you live in an area where the tent is within easy reach of the city, you can go there once in a while and charge your appliances.Although I can list a long list of items that are recommended to carry for living in a tent, there are issues of how practical it is. You have to adapt to live in a tent with a minimum amount of equipment a man needs to live.  My personal opinion is this; living in a tent is not an extremely difficult task. Think for a moment. We need a thousand things to live by following per under the extremely complex lifestyle of man today. To live as a normal human being, we only need a few necessities like shelter, food, clothing, health, and communication.That’s why I mentioned earlier that living in a tent is not a very complicated and bitter experience.